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Brett “Gypsy” Hart has never been one to abide by social norms, whether it’s professionally with his band, Gypsy Heart, or in his private life. He’s had an ongoing relationship with his music collaborator for many years but never fully committed to him nor said those three all-important words. Now Gypsy’s longtime love is gone, and he’s left picking up the pieces of his life while settling his friend’s estate.

Jacob McKinney owns the local cafe. He knows who Gypsy is the moment he walks into his restaurant and also knows why the famous musician is in town. They were formally introduced years ago, but he doubts Gypsy remembers him, which is just fine. Although Gypsy and Jacob live in two very different worlds, there was one person who’s tied them together.

John Kirby was a talented award-winning lyricist who worked with many musicians throughout his long career. Born with a heart defect, he made the most of his time, but in the end, left behind two very different men to process their loss. Kirby’s one wish was to bring Gypsy, the only man who owned his damaged heart, and Jacob together somehow—first, as a way to help each other mourn, but then as a new opportunity at love.

Can two grieving men find lasting love together and uncover the connection Kirby already knew existed between them? Dead men can’t talk, but their dreams can still come true—even from the beyond.

Gypsy Heart is a stand-alone rockstar romance with a slow burn, high emotions, grief/comfort, and an HEA.

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Music Between the Sheets

12/1/19 The Rock Gods will have a new look!

Miss Lister does an exceptional job with her rockers. This is a fast paced read, that gave me just enough of a taste of Simon and Dakota that I can't wait for their full length novel. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it. This is a story of finding love when and where you least expect it and also second chances. Sometimes in life, we have to lose the thing we want the most before we realize that what we had been searching for was right in front of us all along.

                                                ` Natalie Weston (


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