The books series and their reading order are as follows:



The Rock Gods, Books 1-10 
Guarding The Gods, Books   1-4 
The Rock Gods: East Coast Label, 1-2 


Reading order:

The Rock Gods, Books 1-7 
Guarding The Gods, Book 1 
The Rock Gods, Book 8 
Guarding The Gods, Books 2-4 
The Rock Gods, Book 9 
The Rock Gods: East Coast Label - Book 1 
The Rock Gods, Book 10 (which picks up right where Book 1 in the East Coast Label ends) 
The Rock Gods: East Coast Label - Book 2 

Illicit Heat 

Guarding the Gods

Bending For Him

Illicit Heat Series, book 5

I’m known as Lace around campus at the performing arts college I attend because I use lacy ribbons sometimes in my dance routines. I’d like to believe I’m unforgettable because I’m highly skilled in many forms of performance art, but I have a feeling it also has something to do with what I can do with my body.

What do I mean?

I’m very . . . bendy – a contortionist of sorts, which comes from many years of training and being able to control every muscle in my body. I began as a kid doing classical ballet then moved on to more contemporary dance like swinging on poles and my favorite, aerial rope performance. My goal after I complete college is to join a major dance trope and share my fluid grace with audiences around the world.

The unexpected bonus to being this flexible?

I bring self-pleasuring to a whole new level – and I do – often.

My roommate, Brick learned this when he walked in on me the first day he stepped into our dorm room. Since then, I’ve been awakening things inside of him he hadn’t realized he craved – until me. Now we can’t keep our hands off of each other and we’ve created a whole new meaning behind pole dancing.

Bending For Him, is Book 5 in the Illicit Heat Series. This is an erotic tale of approximately 12k words, low angst, an HEA, and no cliffhangers. This and all the titles in the Illicit Heat Series can be read as stand-alones.

Model Student

Book 1

The Illicit Heat Series is a brand new collection of short, erotic stories by Bestselling Author, Ann Lister. Each story in this series will be under 10,000 words and can be read as a stand-alone.

In Book One: “Model Student,” you will meet Stefan, the subject for a college figure drawing class who has a unique dilemma whenever the professor poses him in the direction of the classroom hottie, Ty. Out of the fear of losing his job as the class model, Stefan is faced with an intriguing solution from Ty that might just remedy his issue, but will it also quench his sudden thirst for Ty, or will it leave him with an entirely new problem?

Model Student is a fast-paced romp filled with humor and a healthy dose of erotic delights served up to you by Stefan and Ty.

Climbing The Longhorn

Book 2

It was on the suggestion of Christian's therapist that he spend more time outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and get a little exercise in the process. His family and friends were constantly harping on him to do the same. 
But their droning words of advice was exactly why he found himself walking around in circles—lost in the middle of an unfamiliar hiking park—east of Nowhere and a little south of Wherethehellami.
The only human he'd managed to see in the last three hours, the one person who could possibly point him in the direction of his car, was a gorgeous man who preferred to do his hiking … naked.
Who hiked around naked in the woods like that?
Derek did, and he was about to show Christian exactly why hiking naked was the only way to experience the sport.

Billionaire's Toy

Book 3

What do you give a man who has the money to buy everything … literally?


That is, if by some miracle he'd ever see you as anything other than his best friend.

Jake: I've been in love with him since he was a pimply-faced, preppy boy. Okay, that description isn't exactly accurate—he's always been gorgeous. Now, he’s an uber-rich millennial and takes my breath away every time we share the same space. 
Who am I talking about? My best friend, Barrett. 
The man who I’ve known I wanted to share my life with since the age of fourteen. Now that we’re older, I want him in ways I know aren't possible. 
And why? Because I'm bisexual, and he's straight.